Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Mistress Cares Not For Thy Snobbery

Sak's Fifth Avenue: Bridal Salon, may I help you?

Me: Yes, I'd like to make an appointment.

SFA: When is your wedding?

Me: One year from this week - February 16th, 2008.

SFA: So, are you not interested in our 2008 collections?

Me: I'm open to anything, I'm just getting started.

SFA: Well, do you know our designers we carry?

Me: I'm on your website, but I don't see a list of designers...

SFA: If you go to the Knot, they should be listed there.

Me: The knot...?

SFA: Are there any designers you're particularly interested in?

Me: (wracking my brain to come up with a name or two) Well, I've liked some gowns from Watters, and Demetrios, and...

SFA: We don't carry those designers.

Me: But, really, I'm open to anything, I have plenty of time...

SFA: We carry a higher price point here.

Me: ...?!

SFA: Demetrios doesn't sell anywhere in New York. If you want to see Watters, those are only available at Macy's. You'll have to go there.

Me: Macy's!?

SFA: Yes, only Macy's.

Me: I have to call Macy's?

SFA: Yes, Watters sells to their bridal salons only.

Me: That's... not what I expected to hear.

SFA: And why not?

Me: (because I can't believe you're not interested in taking my money for yourself?) Well... I really hate shopping at Macy's.

SFA: Nonsense! Macy's is a lovely store. We don't carry the gowns you want.

Me: Fine then. Thanks anyway.

SFA: (brightly) Of course, you're welcome dear!


Me: I have $2500 budgeted for this dress, you elitist snobby bitch.

(I checked out Macy's, more commonly referred to as the ghetto trash department store from hell. They only have three bridal salons in the entire country: Chicago, Minneapolis, and Troy, MI.)


Marc said...

Okay, people are really giving you some shit information.

First of all, macy*s has bridal salons in places other than Chicago, Minneapolis, and Troy. There's one at the macy*s in Manhasset, about 15 minutes from us. Demetrios has gowns at macy*s, according to their web site, and according to their web site, has gowns at the Manhasset macy*s (though I am sure you would want to call them before you ventured out). There are plenty of other shops that sell Demetrios if you don't want to give macy*s your money.

Also, Watters gowns are available at specialty bridal stores, and not macy*s, so your elitist bitch friend was wrong again. I say you need to call her back and tell her you thought S5A people were smarter than that, and that you're glad you didn't buy there on the mistaken notion that they knew more than they actually did.

We have a couple of nice stores here on the Island you might want to check out. :)

Hot Toddy said...

Obviously I got nothin'.

Good luck! (And congratulations!!!)

Jess said...

I was going to chime in, but it appears that my other half has done an excellent job already. :)

Lee said...

Pull a "Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman' after her shopping spree" and tell the twitling off with the info Marc posted as well!

Dr. Zoom said...

Ah, damn. Before Marc came along, I was going to yell "Road trip!" That said, what a bitch.

Kayo Kid said...

You know, only Joan Collins can really get away with that sort of bitchiness. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. You're the customer. You have options. Saks is not one of them.

Marc said...

By the way, Lillette's in Freeport here would never be accused of being the store to be seen in, but they do have some great gowns in their window. You could come check them out some weekend. :-) And then living well would be the best revenge on Ms. Saks-of-shit.

Marc said...

Oooh, did I just write that? I am such as bitch.

Ingrid said...

macy's IS horrible. Call SFA back and say you want Vera Wang. That'll get their attention.