Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stealing from the Stars

Last Monday morning, I was going through my closets, just sort of clearing out the stuff I never wear, when Catherine Zeta-Jones barges in my bedroom and starts yanking stuff out of my hands and yelling at me.

"These are my things!" She yells, little wrinkles forming between her arched brows.

"No they're not," I protested, yanking a blue button-down shirt out of her mitts. "I bought this at Ann Taylor!"

"No you didn't!" Catherine shrieked. "You stole them from me!" She proceeded to scoop up in her arms every item of clothing on my bed and floor - an impressive double-armful - and dashed for the door.

"Since when do you shop at Ann Taylor!?" I shouted after her. "I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE VERSACE!"

Then I woke up.

Note to self: Don't fall asleep in the middle of a movie.


Dr. Zoom said...

I have a dream where Catherine Zeta-Jones barges into my bedroom as well, but it kind of heads off in a different direction after that.

Jess said...

Yeah, and watch what you have for dinner. That can fuel weird dreams, too! :)

Hot Toddy said...

That is one of the funniest dreams I've ever heard. You're a nutcase. That's why I love you!

Dr. Zoom said...

BTW ... I actually had one of those C Z-J dreams last night!